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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chinese Take-Out Fortune Last Weekend

Confirmed Match Today!

We got an email from our case worker this moring, it was short and very sweet containing the news we have been waiting to hear for the last two weeks. It said simply,

Dear Beth,

Good Morning! You have been matched with Penka successfully during yesterday's meeting of the Intercountry Adoption Council. So now...her file awaits the rest of your dossier documents. ; )

 Please let me know of your questions as you compile your dossier.

Have a great day!

All my best,

Carla Tripp
Certified Adoption Investigator
Social Services Director
About A Child
515 221 2231

This is great news, it means our application has been accepted and Penka is preliminarily matched with our family and she is taken off the eligible child list.  As each day goes by we already feel more connected to her and our biggest fear was another family might beat us to getting matched with her. 

We have already begun our dossier prep which includes months of work to complete mountains of paperwork, multiple background checks, and a social worker "home study" of our family.  We have been fingerprinted once and just found out we have to do it again.  It is not everyday you spend your lunch hour getting fingerprinted and now I get to experience it twice! 
It has crossed my mind many times if every person who wanted to have biological children had to go through the same process the world would be a much different place indeed.  So many parents take for granted the ease and lack of formality involved to start their families.  For some the only option is adoption and the process is long, stressful, invasive, and incredibly expensive.  The flip side to that is of course if there were such standards to have a bio kids then there would not be children to adopt and that would deny so many wonderful families and children the opportunity to be united as we hope to be some day soon with Penka.   I have accepted that this is just part of a bigger plan that I don't fully understand but can respect and appreciate.

We have just barely stepped away from the starting gate on this journey, and realizing it is a marathon and not a sprint, but we are in it for the long haul, savouring this great news, and already visualizing the finish line!