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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I800A Approved!!

We received our official approval from USCIS in the mail on Friday, we are now all set to prepare our Dossier for Bulgaria! The I800A process was a bit stressful as our case worker requested some additional documentation that delayed everything a few weeks and accelerated my gray hair production by 1000%.  This is a major milestone and now we must assemble all the documents and get them notarized and then go to the Oregon State Secretary of State's office and get an apostille on everything.  Then Fed-Ex it all to our agency and they will forward to the NGO in Bulgaria who will deliver to the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria.  The MOJ will then, if all prayers are answered, approve our dossier and give us a formal written referral for Penka and our first travel date should follow shortly afterwards.  I am still holding out hope that we will travel  for our bonding visit before the end of the year and then again in late winter/early spring to bring her home.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming we need them now more than ever, we are getting closer and closer and simply can't wait to have our family complete!

I did forget to post on August 14th we got this email:
”The social worker at the orphanage has confirmed that Penka has received the package, that she liked the presents and was very excited and happy.
When sending the package, we've asked that some photos and a video of Penka are taken for her adoptive family. The social worker confirmed that Penka has agreed to do this and that they will send us photos and video soon. We will send you those, along with an update about her summer, as soon as we have them.”

This was VERY good news indeed.  We can't wait to see video of her and learn more about her.  It will help make the waiting a bit more bearable.