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Friday, October 5, 2012

Amazing Day!

Today we got an email from our agency that included seven new pictures of Penka as well as a video of her sending us a brief message. It was amazing and the best way to start my day!  If was great to see her, she has grown even more beautiful, but to hear her voice for the first time was an incredibly emotional experience.  She appears sweet and embarrased but smiling and excited as well.  She sent us this message which the agency translated for us: 

"Hello, I’m Penka. I’m 14 years old. I am happy that I will have a family like you. I hope that everything will go well between us and I am looking forward to seeing you.
Thank you very much for the presents. I like your photos very much. The album is great!
See you soon!"
Getting this video is  like having an ultrasound when you are pregnant.  You can't believe all that you have been experiencing is really tied to another human being and that your lives are never going to be the same, in a very good way. Having experienced both avenues to motherhood now I can say they are equally emotional, rewarding, stressful, scary, and amazing. Sometimes children grow in our bodies but they ALWAYS grow in our hearts.
We also got answers to my many questions on various things like what her favorite color, favorite foods...moussaka, french fries and chocolate, and her favorite activities...taking walks and playing basketball. 
I can't believe we are so close to meeting this amazing young girl and embracing her into our family.  I am finally feeling we are close enough to traveling that I can justify buying her some presents and have plans to hit Kohl's this weekend now that I have her favortie color and size!
What a great way to kick off the weekend, can't wait for more good news to arrive in the next weeks.

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  1. How wonderful to get a video and message from your sweet girl. It's already middle of hopefully not much longer until you can travel!