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Thursday, April 11, 2013

T-Minus 24 Hours!

We leave to FINALLY pick up our daughter in just 24 hours, it has been four excrutiatingly long, stressfull, and emotional months since trip one, and a year since we first started the process, but here we are at the finish line!!  We fly direct from Portland to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to Sofia.  Our total travel time will be about 16 hours, with the longest stretch being over 10 hours.  It is long and tiring but soooo worth it knowing our sweet girl waits on the other end!  We will have just one night in Sofia to rest and then travel Sunday morning to Haskovo to pick up Penka and experience what I am sure is going to be a very emotional Gotcha Day. 

Interesting side note, we found out we will be traveling on the same flights as another family from our agency also from Oregon heading to Bulgaria for thier first visit with thier children.  It is a small world indeed! 

For now all that is left is last minute packing and errands, and another clean sweep of the house so it looks lovely for Penka when she arrives home. 

The next few days are bound to be very emotional, especially for Penka as she says goodbye to all she has known for the last fourteen years including friends, staff, language, customs, culture, and her country.  However, I know she is as excited as we are to be reunited as a family and begin this next chapter of our lives together, a family of FOUR!! 

Please say a prayer for our safe travels and smooth transition time for our family.

I will try to post pics from our trip, stay tuned!!